Almost a decade ago our founder specialized in business and marketing consulting, helping a wide range of companies,small businesses and individuals achieve their full business potential.

Innovation Hub Limited was born with a vision to connect individuals , businesses and the community in a way that was modern, technologically driven ,collaborative and of course creative!

ihub quickly evolved to be a presence and name associated with the facilitating  of entrepreneurs ,startups , meetings ,presentations and initiatives but also events for the thinking coneseur, creative mind and knowledge seeker.

Working with Innovation Hub Limited not only gives you an edge but also makes you part of our family of not only business associates but also a family of creativity,media,arts,education and discussion truly making it a hub of innovation.

ihubtt is our Trinidad division ,with headquarters at 253 Ramoutar Street Sangre Grande.

Our Present Services Include

  • Business Registration
  • Innovation Training
  • Business Consulting & Support Services